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 A. Sobczyk i Współpracownicy
Law Office

Zaleskiego 8/3B
31-525 Kraków
phone: +48 (0)12 410-54-10
fax: +48 (0) 12 411-53-98

Sikorskiego 2-8/lok.121,
53-659 Wrocław 
phone: +48 (0) 71 780 0195



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A. Sobczyk & Wspólpracownicy, Solicitors are a leading provider of employment law services to companies in Poland. We support our clients both in solving existing legal problems and in decision-making processes relating to personnel management.

Years of experience go to show that individual case-by-case success may still lead to failure in personnel management in the long term.

Consequently, in employee-related matters, in addition to professional knowledge of employment law, the lawyer-client relationship requires imagination to anticipate long-term side effects of any selected solution. This is what we always make sure to keep in mind when advising our clients.